How I Found a Trusted DG Set Rental Provider?

I am production manager in a multinational company. We generally use heavy machinery for producing our products. Being a manager, the responsibility of providing the labors proper resource to work is on my shoulders.

I often get electricity shortage complaint from the workers. This shortage was resulting into halt of entire production; so I decided to rent a DG set. As purchase a genset need high investment. I don’t get time to visit the market and find a rental provider. So, I decided to find a generator rental provider online.

First, I made a research to know that which generator rental provider is certified and provides excellent customer service. When I searched, I found that majority of people has voted for Sudhir Gensets rental services. I visited Sudhir Genset’s website and found different models of the generator. The best thing I found that they are direct genset manufacturer in india  so they have all specifications and specialization of every model of generator was available there. Also provide brand new diesel generator on rent.

So, it gets easier to know which generator would match to nature of our business. In almost no time, I call the rental provider to order a particular generator we want for our company. They give us timely delivery ; it depend upon the hiring location. It was not the end; they also sent a rental professional with the generator from whom we asked about the working of the generator also they provide maintenance after the delivery. Rental duration can be monthly or yearly basis.

He also told us about the guidelines and instructions for use. In addition, he also provides us necessary details like warranty and servicing time of the generator. I was quite happy with their rental service.

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About Sudhir Genset Rental : Our large generators for rent can be run in parallel with multiple diesel generators. This is perfect for large scale projects proving the necessary larger loads that many projects require. Combining multiple units will add flexibility to your power supply and save costs. We can supply our generator on rent to you at any time – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

we provides a complete power solution to industry and events throughout India. Whether you need permanent, temporary, peak shaving, or emergency power; Sudhir Power Rental is ready to serve you with a minimum time and well organized setup.

Our rental power equipment’s include containerized and canopy diesel generators, These are sound attenuated, fuel-efficient, self-contained, easily transportable, cost effective and designed to handle the requirements of hire applications regardless of industry, situation or location. Sudhir rental power equipment will ensure that you’ll never be without electric power.

We supply a wide range of generator on rent from 20 KVA to 2000 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network, we timely execute our rental service of diesel generators in industrial area of Bhiwadi, Bawal, Neemrana , Dharuhara, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Rewari, Narnaul, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and in Delhi NCR. The rental division not only caters to India but also in the UAE & Saudi operation, in addition to Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah , Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain


Generator Rental for Events

Fast track turnkey power generation rental packages during planned and unplanned outages

We can provide on-demand generator rental power in every emergency situation of private companies, industries or state or inter state facilities with latest generation Diesel Generators to prevent expensive downtime. We provide our rental services on turnkey basis. diesel generators from 20 KVA till 2000 KVA for rental or long-term solutions. These units can be offered with pre–integrated systems with monitoring controls, automatic transfer switches and switch gear equipment. Accessories including load banks, fuel tanks, transformers, distribution panels and power cables can be provided as per requirement.

Our range of canopied genset from 30kVA to 500kva and 500 – 2000 kva diesel generator sets are designed to help maintain a steady power supply in factories, data centers and other industries. We offer these acoustic enclosed gensets for rent and ensure excellent back up service with the help of our well-trained technicians. We have invested in training our manpower to handle any power related crisis and ensure that our clients enjoy uninterrupted power supply with optimum uptime. Fast mobilization and enhanced flexibility is assured of with our generators that come with a perfect grid panelling. Prevent any loss that may occur through extensive power outages by renting high performance diesel generators from us.
• Diesel Generator range (30KVA TO 500KVA)
• DG set range (500KVA TO 2000KVA)
• Synchronization with Grid / Changeover
• STEP UP from 415 TO 6.6/11/22/33KV
• Fuel Management System
• Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis
• Synchronization Panels and Distribution Panels

Future of Diesel Generator Rental Business in India


The growing demand for electricity is increasing sharply in industries with growing infrastructure and demand for mass production. The world-wide growth in industries in the last one decade has taken the overall industry to a great height. But with the growth, industry has demanded great amount of power which is surpassing the supply. Most of the industries are facing acute shortage of the power. Industries are looking out for various solutions that will quickly generate the power when needed. The answers to all the power worries are diesel generators. These diesel gensets are great alternative when it comes to the fulfilling the power requirement.

Unlike other developing countries Generator rental business is still in inceptive stage in India. The rental market for DG sets is expected to grow in future with the time of growing economy, when GDP grows demand for power increases simultaneously power rental bussiness too grow.


Worldwide major sectors, which gobble rental power are, Infrastructure, utilities, mining, oil and gas, shipping, telecom, major events and natural disasters.  Infrastructure is one of the catalyst of economic growth in india, this is where gesnset rental are in demand, besides rental generator is beneficial for short term projects.

Industrial usage of generator one should be rest assured that it will have to go through the robust usage. In terms of lifetime, the diesel generator lasts longer and gives superior performance on comparing it to other sets. Furthermore, storage of diesel is much safer when compare it to gasoline which is more explosive. Not only the manufacturing industry but also the service industry is also opting for the diesel ones that are silent and does not produce irritating sound that can cause hassle to work with.

The inadequate supply of power is becoming a great hindrance in the development of the industries. Allowing greater penetration of the generators for fulfilling the power needs. Companies manufacturing the gensets know the demand and are producing them heavily. The future of these machines depends on supply of power, as it totally depends on the electricity supplied by the government. Currently they are the only source of quickly generating the power for carrying out various activities. Today, these are not only used to run the machines, but also supply electricity to carry out the operation smoothly. In other words they have become lifeline for carrying out hassle free work in industries.

Sudhir Power , deals in various DG sets ranging from diesel to gasoline. How these gensets have become necessary for different industries when it come to fulfilling the uninterrupted supply of power. If your business is suffering from the shortage of power visit the website for all your solutions.

We supply a wide range of renal generator from 65 KVA to 3000 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network, we timely execute our rental service of diesel generators in industrial area of Bhiwadi, Bawal, Neemrana , Dharuhara, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Rewari, Narnaul, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and in Delhi NCR. The rental division not only caters to India but also in the UAE & Saudi operation, in addition to Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah , Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain.

Right buying decision facilitated by reliable Generator  set manufacturer & suppliers


Right buying decision facilitated by reliable Generator  set manufacturer & suppliers Interruption in electricity supply is a humdrum affair today. It is more common in many city in summers or winters when demand of electricity is high. No industrial unit is complete without power back-up facilitated mostly by Cummins power generators of high capacity. Today, residences, hospitals, institutes, factories, offices, trade buildings, and more premises use these engines for uninterrupted supply of electrical energy.

Before you buy such a system, it is important to know the details, specifications, benefits, and related paraphernalia that well meet the application purpose. Meeting a facility’s loads is not only facilitated by the KVA specification. There are various other features that need to be considered. Because every home or business is different so are the variances in the electrical devices and equipment used.

Quick check list:

Understand & analyse your power back-up needs, before deciding genset rating and specification

Evaluate the options of single large DG set v/s multiple small sets

Check technical & commercial benefits of system integration

Check the site conditions meet Genset’s requirements for optimal performance

shortlisted Genset brand has proven capability for supporting your Genset for next 15 year

Assess the likely maintenance costs or running cost

Check the service support availability for the Genset

Two types of these engines – portable and stand-by are used today. The latter variety is more widely used. While portable options are used temporarily used in areas where there is no electricity, stand-by alternatives are installed permanently outside a premise. Stand-by Sudhir gensets detect electricity outage automatically and accordingly get activated immediately. They are generally plugged to the main electrical line of a premise.

Selecting a Power Generating Set (Genset) is hardly a case of rough calculations. Every electrical system and place of operation has unique characteristics that depends upon frequency and duration of power outage and sequence of loading.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulators have enforced standards, making it mandatory for manufacturers to develop emission compliant engines to minimize air pollution. Engine emission data is incorporated in stand-by options; ensure that the engine you buy comply to appropriate emission standards. Consider manufacturing dates including tier levels. There are engines available in the market that are oversized but rated with lower tier levels; these are affordably priced. Buying these, you not only affect the environment but may be subjected to violation of code if inspected by the local authority. Look for DG set suppliers that deliver products with proper emission standards as per MOEF and other norms.

It is easily understood that fuel efficiency of a large Diesel Generator running at 40% load is always lower, as compared to a smaller Genset running at 80% load! Running a smaller Genset at such times saves you substantial fuel costs.

Your electrial back-up engine should be fuel efficient even at normal operating loads. It should deliver optimum performance without noise, meeting your long-term power needs without fail. Besides being incorporated with heavy duty features, its turbo-matching should be optimized. Durability and lowest life cycle costs should not be compromised. Choosing a reliable supplier can help you take the right buying decision.


Increased Power Demand Will Impel Global Diesel Generator Market to $17.6 Billion by 2020.

Continuous and reliable power supply is becoming a critical factor due to increased dependency on technology and interconnected systems across the globe. Various end user sectors such as healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing facilities, transportation & communication systems, data centers, fueling stations and water & sewage facilities require consistent power supply to ensure seamless operations. Not restricted to this but now a days, almost each and every organization needs consistent power supply, as data loss can be more expensive than the capital expenditure required for backup power equipment. Therefore, demand for diesel generators growth owing to infrastructure expansion, establishment of new industries and changing business environment in the country. In India, power supply from the grid is often insufficient to meet power requirements across various sectors. Consequently, diesel gensets play a pivotal role in providing reliable and high-quality power backup during power cuts as well as stand-alone power generation systems.


Strong economic growth coupled with power deficits in many parts of the country would foster the demand for diesel gensets over the forecast period. Also, growing number of telecom towers in the country are expected to boost the diesel gensets market.

Over the years, demand for power has increased tremendously in India and worldwide. Requirement for continuous power has become one of the major challenge. On account of increasing electricity demand-supply gap, lack of grid connectivity and surging infrastructure in remote areas, deployment of diesel gensets on larger scale is witnessed in the country. Thus, fulfilling all major requirements SUDHIR Power Limited (SPL) formerly known as SUDHIR gensets Limited, has continuously served the widespread Indian industry in the Indian Power generation sector that has been providing complete turnkey solutions to the nation, right from Generation and Distribution to Electrification.


SUDHIR, an industry leader in the field of setting up Diesel based Captive Power plants up to 20,000MW which help us to serve over 40,000 customers base annually. It dominates its segment in silent diesel and gas gensets ranging from 7.5KVA – 3000KVA, powered by Cummins engine with the latest CPCB II norms for air and noise pollution and meets the stringent norms for emission specified by the Ministry of Environment & Forest (MOEF).

Indian diesel gensets market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.64% from 2016-22 (as per 6wresearch report). The global diesel generator market is set to grow from $14.7 billion in 2016 to $17.6 billion in 2020 (as per global data research report.)



During last couple of years, diesel gensets market in India registered sluggish growth due to improved power demand-supply situation and slowdown in industrial and construction activities especially in southern region. Further, with the adoption of alternative fuel powered gensets and increasing generation of electricity from solar power affected the growth of the market during this time frame. However, in the forecast period, ‘Make in India’ campaign, smart cities project, expansion of public & private infrastructures would fuel diesel gensets market in India

North American and European markets are heading towards maturity while the emerging markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America and rest of the world are the highest to increase power demand owing to infrastructural developments in the countries. Gas gensets are one of the emerging power source and a substitute for diesel gensets.






Rental Generator set on hire

Sudhir Power Ltd., a prestigious brand in the Indian Power Generation sector, which has been continuously providing a turnkey solutions to the nation, right from Generation and Distribution to Electrification and also specialized in rental generators.

We provide a dedicated team of trained professionals who can provide you with Power Solutions at a moment’s notice and we work around the clock with a dedicated quality fleet of generators, equipment and accessories that are second to none and are on standby to bring you power 24 hours. With our best service experience in the power generation industry, we are ready to match the right generator and accessories to meet your power needs. Whether it is continuous, prime, peaking, standby, emergency, cogeneration, or a complete turnkey power plant.

With Sudhir rental generators, you can get same-day service, turnkey solutions, quick delivery, split-second start-up and a phone that gets answered 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We deliver the most up-to-date diesel generator control technology, which makes us a top choice for diesel generator rental. To discuss rental of high-quality diesel generators or to find out more about any of our power generation solutions and equipment, visit our website –

With the help of our professionals, we have able to provide our clients Generator on Rent. We offer generators from 15KVA to 3000 KVA as per the requirements of clients. We offered generators are highly appreciated by the clients due to their performance, less power consumption and low vibration & noise. Before delivery to the clients, these generators are checked by our expert engineers on various parameters.
We are offering Hire & Rental Service such as Generator on hire in Delhii, Generator on rent in Noida, Generator on rent in Gurgaon and Generator on hire in Faridabad. These services are rendered in compliance with the international standards keeping in mind accurate requirements of clients. Our rental power equipment’s include Diesel Generators, Gas Gensets, These are sound attenuated, fuel-efficient, self-contained, easily transportable, cost effective and designed to handle the requirements of hire applications regardless of industry, situation or location. Sudhir rental power equipment will ensure that you’ll never be without electric power. We offer these services at highly competitive price to the clients.