How I Found a Trusted DG Set Rental Provider?

I am production manager in a multinational company. We generally use heavy machinery for producing our products. Being a manager, the responsibility of providing the labors proper resource to work is on my shoulders.

I often get electricity shortage complaint from the workers. This shortage was resulting into halt of entire production; so I decided to rent a DG set. As purchase a genset need high investment. I don’t get time to visit the market and find a rental provider. So, I decided to find a generator rental provider online.

First, I made a research to know that which generator rental provider is certified and provides excellent customer service. When I searched, I found that majority of people has voted for Sudhir Gensets rental services. I visited Sudhir Genset’s website and found different models of the generator. The best thing I found that they are direct genset manufacturer in india  so they have all specifications and specialization of every model of generator was available there. Also provide brand new diesel generator on rent.

So, it gets easier to know which generator would match to nature of our business. In almost no time, I call the rental provider to order a particular generator we want for our company. They give us timely delivery ; it depend upon the hiring location. It was not the end; they also sent a rental professional with the generator from whom we asked about the working of the generator also they provide maintenance after the delivery. Rental duration can be monthly or yearly basis.

He also told us about the guidelines and instructions for use. In addition, he also provides us necessary details like warranty and servicing time of the generator. I was quite happy with their rental service.

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About Sudhir Genset Rental : Our large generators for rent can be run in parallel with multiple diesel generators. This is perfect for large scale projects proving the necessary larger loads that many projects require. Combining multiple units will add flexibility to your power supply and save costs. We can supply our generator on rent to you at any time – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

we provides a complete power solution to industry and events throughout India. Whether you need permanent, temporary, peak shaving, or emergency power; Sudhir Power Rental is ready to serve you with a minimum time and well organized setup.

Our rental power equipment’s include containerized and canopy diesel generators, These are sound attenuated, fuel-efficient, self-contained, easily transportable, cost effective and designed to handle the requirements of hire applications regardless of industry, situation or location. Sudhir rental power equipment will ensure that you’ll never be without electric power.

We supply a wide range of generator on rent from 20 KVA to 2000 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network, we timely execute our rental service of diesel generators in industrial area of Bhiwadi, Bawal, Neemrana , Dharuhara, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Rewari, Narnaul, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and in Delhi NCR. The rental division not only caters to India but also in the UAE & Saudi operation, in addition to Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah , Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain


Diesel Generator Rental market in India is projected to grow over 18% during 2017-2023.

Increasing demand for prime rental power and standby rental power sources of power across industrial and commercial applications in India buyed the integration of diesel generators on rental basis across the india. On account of off-shore areas and unreliable power supply, diesel generator rental solutions have become major source of power for various applications like construction, industrial, manufacturing, marine, oil and refineries, school, education, hospitality in  India. In addition to the residential and commercial applications, high KVA rating diesel generator rental solutions are also used across power utilities, either as a prime or stand by source to power industrial sector especially in the manufacturing sector.


In terms of market segments, below 100 KVA, from (20kva to 100 kVA) rating rental generator  registered majority of the market revenues in 2016. Low ownership cost, ease of availability, and higher usage across numerous applications have spurred the demand. During the forecast period, the below 100KVA rating genset segment is expected to maintain its market dominance on account of increasing demand across various applications including construction, telecom infrastructure, events and hospitality & healthcare.

In terms of market applications, in 2016, construction activities and manufacturing together with power utilities registered higher revenues in India diesel generator rental market. Additionally, during the forecast period, these applications are likely to continue its market dominance attributed to rising construction activities on account of smart cities and infrastructure development across various parts of the country.

Markets Covered

The report provides detailed analysis of the following market segments:

  • By KVA Ratings:
    • Below 100 KVA genset rental
    • 10-350 KVA rental genset
    • 100-750 KVA rental generator
    • 500-1000 KVA Hire Genset
    • Above 1000 KVA generator on rent
    • 1250kVA – 1500KVA lease genset
    • 2000KVA – 3000KVA genset for industries
  • By Verticals:
    • Power Utilities
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Others
  • By Market Structure:
    • Organized
    • Unorganized

Sudhir Power Rentals in indiadeal with Commercial Generators Rental (10KVA – 200 KVA), Industrial Generators Rental – 50 KVA & Above and Residential Generators Rental (Less than 100 KVA). Promising friendly services and commitment to customer satisfaction by our endeavor of continuous improvement.

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