Tips on Maintaining diesel generator & Backup Power Gensets


Diesel Generator – – It is no doubt that gensets tops the list when it comes to supplying power both to the industrial and household needs. They come in handy and at the time of power interruption and is highly in demand throughout the country. Generators can last for long period if proper maintenance is done. It is not that complicated to keep a generator maintained for long period. Most of its parts require lubrication and oiling and it can last for longer period of time. One can go for proper check of the machine if required. But normally these do not need that much of attention and normally last for longer period of time. Larger companies who own many generators, or those who rely on Dg sets  extensively for power generation, may require an in-house engineer to maintain their gensets. Small business companies, or users who own a generator to provide backup power in the event of an outage, may establish annual maintenance contracts (AMC) with generator dealers to maintain their generators.

In either instance, the life-cycle of power generators is well established and documented making routine maintenance fairly straight-forward. Best generator maintenance practice is following the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer of the generator.

Sudhir Power has carved a distinctive niche as a leader in the manufacturing of generators and setting up of diesel base captive power plants up to 20MW. Wide range of Gensets ranging from 7.5-3000 KVA in diesel and gas fuel options

Give Importance to Installation Guidelines & proper Commissioning


Sudhir sales & services are service providers for projects & maintenance “Under one roof”. With our PAN india network of local offices and partners.

Maintenance of Diesel Gensets

There are six main sudhir-Cummins genset  services  and they are :

  • Complete DG health check
  • Power management contract
  • Plant operational problem analysis
  • Product service with doorstep service support for Customer’s equipment
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Spare Parts-Complete range of Genuine Cummins Spares

We carry out maintenance for defined jobs such as B and C checks at manufacturers recommended intervals at predefined rates .

Our offering:

  • Operation & maintenance contact of HT/LT panels, Synchronization panels, AMF panels, transformers & package Substation.
  • Shutdown & breakdown maintenance with emergency support 24/7 – 365 days
  • load assessment and power house designing
  • turnkey Electrical contracts, Sudstation, internal wiring etc.
  • Installation, testing & commissioning of power plant , DG sets, HT/Lt panel, Synchronization panels, bus duct, APFC, ATS panels, Transformers, Package substations.
  • Genuine spare supply
  • project management
  • Testing & calibration with T. C of all type of CTs, PTs, relays, meters
  • Electrical panel retrofitting, modification, repairing jobs
  • Electrical panel job work

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If you want high performance and long functional life of Transformer then proper Maintenance is best solution for you. Know How?

Extend Service life of the Transformer and Gensets.


3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Transformer

Transformer  is one of the most critical components for electrical network in plants. So for getting high performance and longest functional life of the power transformer, it is desired to perform maintenance services. For that purpose,  electrical  transformer also requires various maintenance actions including measurement and testing of different parameters of the transformer.

Transformers that carry a critical load, online fluid monitoring can be conducted. Some quality units on the market continuously monitor the gases,  moisture content with saturation levels. Every action in a transformer will migrate quickly to the dielectric fluid in the form of gases, moisture or both.

Although the problems are increasing, options for energized and de-energized maintenance exist. refine or develop your long-term maintenance programs..

Every person of  a organization is responsible for transformer maintenance, life assessment or both should consider proactively developing or implementing a strategies that accomplishes these objectives to ensure the safe, continuous operation of their electrical systems.

That means For smooth performance from a transformer or Gensets You need to perform some maintenance actions in regular basis. Sudhir sales & services are service providers for projects & maintenance “Under one roof”. With our PAN india network of local offices and partners.

Our service and support team is always close at hand to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running everytime, ensuring smooth operation.

Sudhir sales & services has fully qualified and experienced professionally trained service engineers that help customers to manage their overall operational cost by offering full after sales services & technical support, maintenance issues , operation & monitoring for 24 hours per day and 365 days a year.

we offers complete service packages with extended warranties tailored to suit the customer needs.

The regular checking and maintenance of Transformer is also known as condition maintenance. Hence by proper condition maintenance one can avoid emergency and breakdown maintenance.

Periodical Maintenance of Oil type  Transformer

Following electrical tests will provide some information:


    • Periodical checking/testing of insulation resistance values of transformer. meggar values measurement, pi value checking, magnetic balance testing. temp scanner testing & calibration, varnishing/h1v coating on required areas .
    • periodial oil inspection & tests, oil sample tests, as & when required with high vaccum & low temperature machine.
    • tap changer (OLTC) general servicing & complete overhauling.
    • cheks for any abnormality in sound , leakages , terminations & proper functioning of meters/guages.

Maintenance of Dry Type transformer

  • checking/testing of insulation resistance value of transformer. meggar values measurement,pi value checking,magnetic balance testing. temp scanner testing & calibration, varnishing/hv coating on required areas .
  • tap changer (OLTC) general servicing& complete overhauling based upon number of operations & wear & tear on moving & fixed parts of tap changer mech. calibration of TPI. main spring inspection & adjustment. drive mechanism cabinet cleaning.

Maintenance of Panels includes:


  • servicing of ACB with lubrication
  • greasing of all fixed & moving contacts & cleaning , checking oiling of tripping
  • mechanisms for proper functioning of ACB.


  • VCB servicing as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • tripping,testing through primary injection kit.
  • operational test through push button & TNC switch.
  • manual/auto operation of VCB.
  • complete cleaning of panel rack in/ out

To extend the life of your assets, Sudhir Sales & services provides preventive actions to be performed on-site aiming to maintain the performance of the Dg sets & transformer.

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