Points you should keep in Mind before installing a generator

The individual should be clear about his usage of electricity and the number of electrical appliances consuming the electricity. A professional will greatly help you in knowing the exact amount of power requirement. Complete knowledge of your power requirement is essential and it can play a great role in longevity of your Genset/Diesel Generator





A generator is a machine that generates electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical. It is important to know that a generator do not produce electricity. It converts the mechanical energy into electrical. The machines supply continuous power to industries and household. To enjoy the uninterrupted supply, proper maintenance is importance for a long run of the machine. Besides, doing proper servicing at a regular interval of time, there are lots of small things that should be kept on mind.  Power shortage is a common and can occur at an unexpected time causing lot of problems to business, offices and household needs. Many small details should be kept on mind before installing generators in your building, house and business.

Seeking Advice for Generators Needs ->

While considering for a generator installation there are few factors that a professional will say to you. These could be the size of your space, for how long there is an interruption of power and other points. The growing market of generators and wide range of options gives a chance to customer to choose according to their needs. Let take a brief look at these point and how imperative are these.

Building Space

Size matters, the bigger the size the huge will be power requirement.  For commercial usages the generators runs mostly on diesel and natural gas. Therefore, the size mattes because of the reservoir it can hold the fuel. Similarly, if your space area is limited you can go for a small machines. Sudhir Power deals in manufacturing  high quality diesel generators catering to diverse needs of markets. The possibilities are huge due to the growing market and wide range of option. Similarly, for your housing needs a single generator will serve the power requirement. So, one can imagine power needs heavily depends on the size of the building.

Appliance and Electrical Equipment’s

The individual should be clear about his/her usage of electricity and the number of electrical appliances consuming the electricity.  A professional will greatly help you in knowing the exact amount of power requirement.  Complete knowledge of your power requirement is essential and it can play a great role in longevity of your silent Genset. Consumption of electricity varies greatly


Power duration

For how long the power need of a particular business, building or household play a major role. Buying a Diesel genset that can supply power for 16 to 20 hour for a place such as hospital. Fuel reservoir is imperative; this will give you fair idea for how long the power will be supplied to your buildings. A industrial grade generator can provide electricity for a week to household.

Nature of Power

It depends on the type of business you are in, whether it require an uninterrupted or not.  Business like hospitals, data centers, laboratories and defense organizations all required continuous flow of electricity. Therefore, look out for diesel genset that can provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to the business.

In today’s world, generators play a great role in supplying continuous power supply to the business and household requirements.  Sudhir Power manufactures high quality of generators for industrial and household needs.


Transformer Technology state of art and trends of future development

Transformers and oil have always been synonymous with electric power. Conventional Oil Type Transformers use mineral base insulating oil as the medium for cooling and insulation.


Oil Type Transformer is a mature and technical product and its life story is closely linked to the history of the application of electrical energy starting in the last decades. Based on just one fundamental physical principle, the induction and the basic design features never changed since then. Transformer are needed to feed most of the equipment and apparatus of our daily use which from our personal and public technical environment as well as high power industrial equipment for diverse applications power to voltage range from VA to GVA and mv to MV. Owed to such flexibility the transformer is the most imp link for transmission and distribution of electrical energy from the producer to customer.


Whereas the basic design and principle of transformer – core windings, insulation system remain more or less unchanged there was a tremendous improvement of the specify design and properties in the past.

Transformers and oil have always been synonymous with electric power. Conventional Oil Type Transformers use mineral base insulating oil as the medium for cooling and insulation.

Optimum Design & Features

By using CRGO silicon steel mitred cores and paper enamel covered conductors, the units are made compact, resulting in lower losses, better regulation and longer life. Windings are designed to withstand sufficient thermal, dynamic and electrical strength induced during operation as well as under short circuit conditions. Winding on HT side is provided with sufficient end-turn reinforcement for extra  strength. Radial as well as axial clearances and cooling ducts provided for the coils add to the safety and uniform cooling of the windings and limbs.Each tank is pressure tested and the exterior surface is coated with primer and 2 coats of weather-proof paint. The interior is given anti corrosive protection with oil resistant varnish. Transformers are supplied with first filling of insulating oil conforming to IS-335/1 980

For more information you can visit website:www.sudhirpower.com

Concerning  the transformer for a long time economical consideration were limited to purchase price and loss evaluation with depreciation figures based on the long pay back. Sudhir Transformers is in operation in India and abroad since 1969, Manufacturing of power transformers is still mainly hand work done by skilled workers.

Customized Solutions

Voltage regulation is provided with winding tappings as per customer’s specifications generally at +/-5% of input voltage. As a standard, tap changing is effected by means of externally hand-operated ‘OFF CIRCUIT’ tap changing switch.

On Load Tap Changers (OLTC) with a variety of steps that provide optimum control can be offered. All tap changing switches have indicators and locking device. Special multi-tapping transformers are also in the product range, besides the special duty transformers.

Quality Assurance

Every transformer undergoes a series of tests throughout the manufacturing process, rightfrom raw material stage. All routine tests are carried out at our works as per IS 2026, lEC 60726 and other international specifications. Type tests for impulse withstand and short circuit strength etc., have been conducted on representative ratings and voltage classes, at approved national test houses.

Sudhir Transformers has Seven ultra modern state of the art manufacturing plants stategically located  in Silvassa, Athal, Jammu, Bangalore and Manesar serve over 40,000 customers.