Right buying decision facilitated by reliable Generator  set manufacturer & suppliers


Right buying decision facilitated by reliable Generator  set manufacturer & suppliers Interruption in electricity supply is a humdrum affair today. It is more common in many city in summers or winters when demand of electricity is high. No industrial unit is complete without power back-up facilitated mostly by Cummins power generators of high capacity. Today, residences, hospitals, institutes, factories, offices, trade buildings, and more premises use these engines for uninterrupted supply of electrical energy.

Before you buy such a system, it is important to know the details, specifications, benefits, and related paraphernalia that well meet the application purpose. Meeting a facility’s loads is not only facilitated by the KVA specification. There are various other features that need to be considered. Because every home or business is different so are the variances in the electrical devices and equipment used.

Quick check list:

Understand & analyse your power back-up needs, before deciding genset rating and specification

Evaluate the options of single large DG set v/s multiple small sets

Check technical & commercial benefits of system integration

Check the site conditions meet Genset’s requirements for optimal performance

shortlisted Genset brand has proven capability for supporting your Genset for next 15 year

Assess the likely maintenance costs or running cost

Check the service support availability for the Genset

Two types of these engines – portable and stand-by are used today. The latter variety is more widely used. While portable options are used temporarily used in areas where there is no electricity, stand-by alternatives are installed permanently outside a premise. Stand-by Sudhir gensets detect electricity outage automatically and accordingly get activated immediately. They are generally plugged to the main electrical line of a premise.

Selecting a Power Generating Set (Genset) is hardly a case of rough calculations. Every electrical system and place of operation has unique characteristics that depends upon frequency and duration of power outage and sequence of loading.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulators have enforced standards, making it mandatory for manufacturers to develop emission compliant engines to minimize air pollution. Engine emission data is incorporated in stand-by options; ensure that the engine you buy comply to appropriate emission standards. Consider manufacturing dates including tier levels. There are engines available in the market that are oversized but rated with lower tier levels; these are affordably priced. Buying these, you not only affect the environment but may be subjected to violation of code if inspected by the local authority. Look for DG set suppliers that deliver products with proper emission standards as per MOEF and other norms.

It is easily understood that fuel efficiency of a large Diesel Generator running at 40% load is always lower, as compared to a smaller Genset running at 80% load! Running a smaller Genset at such times saves you substantial fuel costs.

Your electrial back-up engine should be fuel efficient even at normal operating loads. It should deliver optimum performance without noise, meeting your long-term power needs without fail. Besides being incorporated with heavy duty features, its turbo-matching should be optimized. Durability and lowest life cycle costs should not be compromised. Choosing a reliable supplier can help you take the right buying decision.



How Diesel Generator Caters to Power Requirements Of Agricultural Sector

Whenever we hear a word generator the one thing that comes in our mind is the uninterrupted supply of power. These machines since their inception are known for continues supply of power to various …

Source: How Diesel Generator Caters to Power Requirements Of Agricultural Sector

How Diesel Generator Caters to Power Requirements Of Agricultural Sector

Whenever we hear a word generator the one thing that comes in our mind is the uninterrupted supply of power. These machines since their inception are known for continues supply of power to various industries and household needs. Today they are extensively used for good power supplements in hospitals, malls, construction, telecommunications, marine, hospitals, automobiles industries etc. Looking at the current fuel price the use of diesel generator has gained popularity due to its cost efficiency. How this play a major role in the Indian scenario.


India being an agricultural country requires a good supply of electricity for carrying out farming activities. But the country is not able to supply adequate power because of the insufficient and unorganized power sector. Most of the power is supplied to big cities. Long power cuts further deteriorate the situations and this directly impacts the productivity of agricultural output. Though in recent years many other sectors have contributed in the economy but still agriculture undoubted lead when it comes to contributing in the GDP. The industry is so vital that currently 70% of population is directly engaged in some other way. So you have seen how crucial agriculture sector is and it is therefore becomes imperative to supply an uninterrupted power supply.

Agriculture is a primary sector in India, with 70% of the population engaged in this sector. With our products we want to extend our mission of creating life changing experiences for buyers and sellers to farmers of our country. We to offer competitive business solutions to farmers and industry related customers, which will help lower operating cost and improve availability of products, while maintaining product quality with global market. this bringing forth the inclusive power of energy in the realm of agriculture as well.

The expansion into the agriculture sector will not only facilitate a novel experience for farmers of India as they peruse through variety of items.

Knowing the importance, still the government is not able to supply a sufficient amount of electricity to the rural areas where most of the agricultural activities takes place. So a solution is greatly required and government knowing the seriousness of the issue has taken several steps. The first step it has taken is that subsidizing the diesel price to farmers for carrying out agricultural activities. Further the farmers were also given subsidized diesel generators so that they did not have any problems in power. After taking all these major steps and providing fuel and generators at fairly subsidize price the agriculture is right on track.

Through generators facilities, proper supply of power now farmer can easily carry out all his work related to agriculture. If we take a quick view we will find that prior to the supplement of generator the agricultural output was less and production has doubled since the use of diesel generators.

There are many advantages of using a diesel generator. diesel generator prove less cost effective and generates more power at the same amount of fuel. The diesel generator when it comes to maintenance is easier. For longevity of these machines they should be thoroughly inspected and their performance will surely get doubled.

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Why Go For Diesel Generators?

Gensets are a great way of meeting power requirements during blackout and disaster. These machines have proved a boon to the industries and modern world in supplying high requirement of power. Besides this, generators are heavily used in household for carrying out day to day activities when there is a major black out.


Apart from commercial use Diesel generators are also used for recreational facilities such as in stadium, college, schools, Hospitals, malls, superstores and etc. The best thing about these is that virtually genset can be used anywhere for power requirement.  That’s why one can find these generator heavily used in mining sites, construction sites, military camps and disaster hit areas for providing quick relief. So these machines are a reliable source of power requirements. Generator purchase is a one-time investment; that can save you thousands of bucks because of the hindrance in your work due to long power cuts.

Earlier there were generators that used to make irritating noise and working with them was frustrating. Due to their high noise concentration on work was impossible. To solve this problem advanced and superior technological feature silent generators have come up in the market. These silent gensets are placed outside the buildings, industries and offices supplying power requirements without any noise. These silent machines have flourished in the market making them popular for industrial and household use. Sudhir has the distinction of being the first diesel generator company in the country to comply with the latest CPCB II norms for air and noise pollution.

Switching on these gensets for power requirements saves precious time as one does not have to sit ideal and stop their production. Generator can supply uninterrupted power supply making sure that production do not get halt, which saves a huge amount of money. In current scenario people can find use of these machines heavily in industries and household. As we have discussed earlier that generator supply interrupted power, this is the main factor that silent generators are used in industries when dealing with power requirements.  In the last one decade their demand has increased manifold. Many DG set industries have come up in India in the last one decade. Foreign industry has opened up there branches in, launching new and highly advanced diesel generators.  But not far behind Indian industries are also giving them tough competition in the market. So for market and customer it is a good thing as they would have more option. The fierce competition in market would also lower the prices of the products.

Proper maintenance

Generators can last for long period if proper maintenance is done. It is not that complicated to keep a generator maintained for long period. Most of its parts require lubrication and oiling and it can last for longer period of time. One can go for proper check of the machine if required. But normally these do not need that much of attention and normally last for longer period of time.

The author keeps a close look in the generators industry and the development that takes place there. He loves to articulate his views about the Gensets and other power products. For more information you can visit website:www.sudhirpower.com

Diesel Generator:Generating Growth

Burgeoning population, consistent power supply, electricity demand, need and industrialization have prompted generators growth as a backup system – reliable to fill the gap between power generation and consumption sources. Power shortage and supply shortage are stimulus to the growth of generator market.

India is the seventh largest country in the world with a population of over 1.3 billion people. Naturally such huge population creates huge electricity demands. India now is among the top 5 energy users in the world and the 3rd largest producer of electricity worldwide



Till present diesel generators have been playing a crucial role in filling the gap in power demand & supply in India. There is an estimate of approximately 20000 MW of power being produced by diesel generation to meet the deficits in commercial & domestic sectors.

Indian diesel generator and gas gensets demand is bound to register increase for investment in infrastructure and urbanization pursuing ‘make in India” campaign.

The demand of power is mostly driven by telecom, commercial, construction , IT, retail, ITES sectors.

Reasons for Diesel generator popularity are abundant, and the value add are plentiful, making Sudhir Power a preferred choice for residential as well as commercial and industrial use. Various advantages of silent diesel generators are enlisted below:

soundproof genset

Type tested and certified as per relevant IS/standard

Low maintenance cost

Eco friendly

widest range of diesel generator ranging from 7.5 kVA to 3000 kVA

More reliable and durable generator design

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Sudhir has forged a formidable 30 years partnership with Cummins Ltd, to become India’s largest Genset manufacturer with over 20,000 MW installation base

The Sudhir Group came into existence in 1973 and has established a unique position for itself through its commitment to quality and complete customer satisfaction. Covering a spectrum of services including Power Generation, Distribution and Electrification for around four decades, Sudhir Power Limited provides world class services and products to the power industry.

Sudhir’s eight state-of-the-art manufacturing units – four at Jammu, one at Silvassa, one at Bangalore, one at Masat and one at Manesar, Gurgaon complemented by a highly dedicated and motivated team of over 1,500 across 16 offices in North & North West India, ensure new benchmarks in quality, speed and reliability.

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