Silent diesel generator…Why?

Various end user sectors such as healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing facilities, transportation & communication systems, data centers, fueling stations and water & sewage facilities require consistent power supply to ensure seamless operations. In India, power supply from the grid is often insufficient to meet power requirements across various sectors. Consequently, diesel generator play a pivotal role in providing reliable and high-quality power backup during power cuts as well as stand-alone power generation systems.

Diesel engines are commonly used as mechanical engines and power generators . They find wide spread use in healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical industries, Heavy Metal Industries, manufacturing facilities, Events, transportation & communication systems, excavation sites & construction areas.  Diesel powered generators, or electrical generator sets, are used in countless industrial and commercial establishments.  The generators can be used for small loads, such as in homes, as well as for larger loads like industrial plants, hospitals, and commercial buildings., just to name a few. Power generation for prime or standby backup power is the major application of today’s diesel generators.

Diesel engines can either be two cycle or four cycle and are chosen depending on mode of operation. Diesel and gas engines are the variants to be chosen appropriately.

For home use, single-phase power generators are sufficient. Three-phase power generators are primarily used for industrial purposes.


Sounds great, But why Silent diesel generator from Sudhir Power?

Sudhir Power Limited, an industry leader in the field of setting up Diesel based Captive Power plants up to 20,000MW and dominates its segment in silent diesel generator and gas generators ranging from 7.5KVA – 3000KVA. Sudhir silent diesel generators have consistently set the industry standard for quality and reliability. Every component of diesel generators has been carefully selected and rigorously tested to guarantee maximum reliability in even the most demanding environments.

Our containerised diesel generators provide power for high-profile sporting and entertainment events, large-scale construction and civil engineering projects, and electricity distribution networks and across the manufacturing industry.

Advantages of choosing the right size Diesel generator

  • No unexpected system failures
  • No shutdowns due to capacity overload
  • Increased longevity of the generator
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Smoother hassle-free maintenance
  • Increased system life span
  • Assured personal safety
  • Much smaller chance of asset damage

Power generation growth is the yard stick determining the growth of any country. The Govt, of India’s focus to attain “Power for All” and the Planning Commission’s 12th Plan to invest 41 trillion in infrastructure will demand an accelerated power backup solutions.

We have seen increased demand from all sectors and it’s likely to increase with the expected economic thrust on “Make in India”. these changes will boost the demand of DG sets and it’s 2 to be an important source of power for the industry.



Rental Generator set on hire

Sudhir Power Ltd., a prestigious brand in the Indian Power Generation sector, which has been continuously providing a turnkey solutions to the nation, right from Generation and Distribution to Electrification and also specialized in rental generators.

We provide a dedicated team of trained professionals who can provide you with Power Solutions at a moment’s notice and we work around the clock with a dedicated quality fleet of generators, equipment and accessories that are second to none and are on standby to bring you power 24 hours. With our best service experience in the power generation industry, we are ready to match the right generator and accessories to meet your power needs. Whether it is continuous, prime, peaking, standby, emergency, cogeneration, or a complete turnkey power plant.

With Sudhir rental generators, you can get same-day service, turnkey solutions, quick delivery, split-second start-up and a phone that gets answered 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We deliver the most up-to-date diesel generator control technology, which makes us a top choice for diesel generator rental. To discuss rental of high-quality diesel generators or to find out more about any of our power generation solutions and equipment, visit our website –

With the help of our professionals, we have able to provide our clients Generator on Rent. We offer generators from 15KVA to 3000 KVA as per the requirements of clients. We offered generators are highly appreciated by the clients due to their performance, less power consumption and low vibration & noise. Before delivery to the clients, these generators are checked by our expert engineers on various parameters.
We are offering Hire & Rental Service such as Generator on hire in Delhii, Generator on rent in Noida, Generator on rent in Gurgaon and Generator on hire in Faridabad. These services are rendered in compliance with the international standards keeping in mind accurate requirements of clients. Our rental power equipment’s include Diesel Generators, Gas Gensets, These are sound attenuated, fuel-efficient, self-contained, easily transportable, cost effective and designed to handle the requirements of hire applications regardless of industry, situation or location. Sudhir rental power equipment will ensure that you’ll never be without electric power. We offer these services at highly competitive price to the clients.

Sudhir Power :An Industrial Leader in Power Sector

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SUDHIR, an industry leader in the field of setting up Diesel based Captive Power plants up to 20,000MW which help us to serve over 40,000 customers base annually. It dominates its segment in silent diesel and gas gensets ranging from 7.5KVA – 3000KVA, powered by Cummins engine with the latest CPCB II norms for air and noise pollution and meets the stringent norms for emission specified by the Ministry of Environment & Forest (MOEF).



Over the years, demand for power has increased tremendously in India and worldwide. Requirement for continuous power has become one of the major challenge. On account of increasing electricity demand-supply gap, lack of grid connectivity and surging infrastructure in remote areas, deployment of diesel gensets on larger scale is witnessed in the country. Thus, fulfilling all major requirements SUDHIR Power Limited (SPL) formerly known as SUDHIR gensets Limited, has continuously served the widespread Indian industry in the Indian Power generation sector that has been providing complete turnkey solutions to the nation, right from Generation and Distribution to Electrification.