Forklift Safety Is Essential to Avoid Accidents

Forklifts are severely useful vehicles in the workplace if they are used properly and safely by trained operators. Ensuring forklift safety is essential to avoid accidents.

Some of common problems, affecting the safety operation of forklift are:

  1. Faulty brakes
  2. Sub-standard tyres
  3. Sub-standard seat
  4. Lights and warning devices that are not working

Forklift operators should be competent and well trained

It shows that forklift safety training and the license should only operate a forklift. Workers who do not have knowledge, should not be allowed to operate the forklift.

Proper clothing and safety should followed by forklift operators

Operators must always ensure to wear appropriate cloths. Safety shoes and high-visibility jacket and hard hat should be worn.

Tips For Buying Used Lift Equipment

Areal lifts can be used in many different industrial areas, public works and construction work. If you are in the market for an aerial lift, you may be considering purchasing a used aerial lift. Check out the tips below.

Now is not the time to be cheap. Saving a few hundred dollars will certainly make you feel more comfortable when making a large purchase. However; it can sometimes turn out to be more of a problem moving forward if the used lift is in poor condition. Make sure to always find and meet a reputable dealer and discuss with them your requirements in order to get the best piece of equipment for your needs.

Regular maintenance. Aerial lifts are used for all kinds of heavy load bearing or mechanical hauling jobs. Just like other industrial equipment, regular maintenance is essential for areal lifts. Maintenance should include hydraulic fluid and oil changes, as well as an annual inspection. Routine check-ups and regular maintenance are especially necessary if you go with the used aerial lift option.

Look at user modifications. Make sure to pay attention to the details before purchasing your lift. The previous owner may have done modifications with the equipment by cutting, welding, or changing the railings or bucket walls. You must pay detailed attention to the modifications made to the equipment! Make sure these modifications fit your needs.

Look at the odometer. One of the first things to do is to check the odometer or hour meter. This is how you will know the real age of the machine! Miles mean more that the actual age of the aerial lift.

Measure! One of the most important things to consider is the size requirements. Make sure to measure the areas where the lift will need to navigate. This includes aisles, doorways, overhead clearances, and any other restricted areas the machine will move through. And, don’t forget to bring your measuring tape when shopping for your used aerial lift!

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Aerial lift distributor in india

Sudhir’s Safety Experience: We Help You To Stay Safe!

Working at height is naturally more dangerous than working at street or floor level. Indeed, when it comes to workplace accidents, falling from height remains the number one cause of serious injury. That means that Sudhir can play a very important role in improving workplace safety and reducing the frequency of serious injury-causing falls, because an aerial work platform is almost always the safest solution for working at height. In fact, in some cases, an AWP is the only safe solution for gaining access to work areas.

But our commitment to safety doesn’t end when we sign a contract to rent or sell a piece of equipment. Because our service is so closely linked to overall safety, we feel a special responsibility to help our customers to understand the importance of job site safety and the safe operation of our equipment.

Valuing Safety

Accordingly, safety is by far the most important of our core values. Our very highest priority is to make certain that we provide the highest level of safety to our customer with every rental or sale. Any accident is one too many and any accident is preventable. Spurred by this firm belief, we are committed to doing all that we possibly can to further improve the safety awareness of our employees and our customers.

Pro-active, Not Reactive

Safety begins by understanding the job at hand and selecting the right piece of equipment for the job. But it is equally important to prepare properly for the job, including – especially – carefully considering any and all safety risks in order to understand in advance what needs to be done to ensure that the job can be completed safely. And we work with our customers to answer all their questions regarding the safe operation of aerial work platforms.

How We Help You Work More Safely

What it really boils down to is that we believe that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. That is why we have zero tolerance for any breach of safety. Our employees must reflect on their own safety behaviors and should always follow our safety rules and comply with other applicable regulations. We exist to help our customers to work as productively and efficiently as possible. safetyRules

Aerial work platforms have undergone a massive transformation over the course of the last generation. Today you’ll find greater heights, further reach opportunities and better overall safety with all of the equipment assets that are available for sale/rent.

#Articulating booms will take your work to the next level. You will be able to safely access building roofs, perform tree service, or perform any other work that has a required altitude for a surprisingly affordable price. The modern articulating/ telescopic lifts can handle rough terrain. There are self-propelled models available, as well as off-road aerial platforms that are vehicle-based.

Each articulating boom is guaranteed to meet or exceed current government safety standards. When you or your people step into the basket, you will have confidence that there will be enough space to bring your tools and get the job done without having to worry about the stability of the boom.

Sudhir Power with its brand new fleet of machines provides unmatched quality of access equipments and material handling equipments. Our machines are designed to keep in mind the highest safety features and many other unique features to keep our users safe while working at height.

We provide Rental Power Solutions and Material Handling Equipments that includes Generator, Boom lifts, Scissor Lifts, Forklift, Stock picker, Compressor, Light tower on Hiring / Rental basis all across India. We provide Articulating boom lift, Telescopic Boom lifts, Aerial Work Platforms, Aerial access Platforms, Spider Lift with ranging height from 6 Meters to 44 Meters height as per client’s requirement.

Our services are available all over India and our office is uniquely positioned in Gurgaon to provide fast services as per client’s need. We also provide operators to all of our customers who need to operate this equipment safely.

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Electric/ Battery Operated Forklift Rental


#Sudhir power provides #forklifts that are widely demanded by various #industries like #textile, #warehouse, #chemical, #petrochemical, #pharmaceutical, #aviation, #glass, #ceramics, #construction, #beverages, #automobile #OEM & its #Ancillary unit. we provide Forklifts on #Rental for monthly and yearly basis. All our #forklifts #trucks are properly handled by expert professionals, who have rich experience in their field. Apart from this, our expert quality controllers thoroughly check all lifts on various parameters, before delivering these to customers.diesel-counterbalance-trucks-forklifts

Ideal for #lifting pallets and #heavy loads, #stacking in warehouses, #loading and #unloading trucks. When you need to rent, rent the best – from the only one stop rental fleet in India. Renting can be a great way to supplement your existing fleet if you’re expecting an increase in business activity or you need a piece of equipment outside of your normal specifications. Our quality and reputation for reliability make our forklifts ideal for rentals, short or long term.

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10 Things Need-To-Know for Aerial Lift Equipment Safety Training.


Safety training is necessary for workplace and worksite safety. Preventing worker injuries should be the most important factor one considers when operating heavy equipment is required.

Main Focus area of Safety training was using ultra boom lifts optimally and safely. …Also how to differentiate from junk equipment with good quality equipment.

Sudhirpower and JLG Industries has conducted Safety training at HMEL Mittal Energy Limited Refinery in Bhatinda, Punjab.

Safety training is actually worth it in workplace.

When renting heavy equipment from an equipment rental company, you must ensure they follow the highest safety standards. We as AWP equipment rental company follwing the safety standard, who does not follow the highest safety standards, does not regularly inspect and maintain their rental equipment. does not follow  the standard. When renting heavy equipment, you want to verify the equipment rental company you are using inspects and maintains their rental equipment regularly.

Equipment Safety – 

Equipment safety is one of our highest priorities at Sudhir Rentals. At Sudhir Power Rentals, we inspect every piece of rental equipment from top to bottom, and we insure our rental lifts , either boom lift or scissor lifts passes a rigorous inspection before we ever rent it to anyone. We know the dangers that are inherent to the type of work our clients do, which is why we ensure the safety and quality of our equipment rentals.

We also provide the same type of equipment safety training for ultra boom lifts, reach forklifts, and forklifts. aerial work platforms including all boom lifts, scissor lifts, and vertical mast lifts.

10 Safety Tips –

  1. Training. Make sure you have received proper training (both general and hands-on), as well as familiarization training.
  2. Inspection. Perform a pre-operation inspection and functions test before each task. This is nothing different from checking a dozer for hydraulic leaks, unusual wear, or debris in the tracks, and testing to be sure the blade moves freely in the directions it is supposed to, also differentiate from junk equipment with good quality equipment.
  3. Risk assessment. Perform a risk assessment by looking for drop-offs, holes, slippery or unstable surfaces, wheels, overhead obstacles, power lines and other hazards.
  4. Fall protection. Wear fall protection when operating a boom. This means a full body harness and lanyard or self-retracting lifeline.
  5. Guardrails. Never sit, stand or climb on guardrails for any reason. A few feet of extra reach is not worth the risk.
  6. Tie-off. Never exit an elevated boom or scissor lift unless you have been trained, are properly tied-off, and possess a letter from the manufacturer.
  7. Rescue plan. In the event that you cannot lower the aerial, have a rescue plan in place so other trained and familiarized personnel are aware you are operating the unit and can assist from the ground controls.
  8. Debris. Keep the platform clear of all debris. Remove any item that is not necessary to do your work.
  9. Entry gate. Close the entry gate before operating the aerial ifts.
  10. Regulations. Always read and understand employer’s safety rules and worksite regulations, as well as applicable local regulations.

How do you plan to enhance uptime of your rental equipment?


Our main objective in the domain of rental of access lifts was to aid the safety and time schedules of industrial and commercial projects. 

For this we have always been focusing on younger machines in our fleet, and a consistent PDI for all machines deployed on rental.

These are the two main steps taken to increase the uptime of our lifts.  However, we have gone a step further to take care of unexpected glitches during the machine use at site.  With this we have been able to reduce the downtime even further.  We have introduced a site supervisor at the project location itself.  This ensures constant monitoring of the machine performance, prealerts on possible technical issues, spares availability and so on.

The machine operators have also been trained to tackle minor technical hiccups in the machine, and the site supervisor provides a more radical touch to the issues with his problem solving skillsets.

we are in the business of work at height products , so as such, all those products related to working at height will be showcased. This includes Aerial work platforms, boom lifts, Telehandlers, scissor lifts, truck mounted work platforms and cranes,  order pickers, mobile access platforms, and some new products are also planned to  introduced

Our Machines are brand new . We also have 2019 new model,  all are 60feet and 45 feet boom lifts for rental , some are 80feet engine operated boom lifts.  

Factors that decide the Rating of Diesel Generator

  • Required Running Time (Hours per year)
    • Applied load (variable or constant)
    • Overload Capability
    ( PS: Overload is not mentioned in Standards)
    (due to transients extra power is available)
  • Implied changes with Rating
  • Warranty

Continuous Power – COP

Applicable for supplying utility power at a constant 100% load for an unlimited number
of hours per year. No overload capability is available for this rating.

Some may even ask for 10% Overload. i.e 1010 kVA COP may require us to offer KTA50G8

Prime Power – PRP

Unlimited Time PRP:(8760 hr/yr less service)
Unlimited number of hours per year
Variable load
Not to exceed 70%
average of the PP rating during any operating period of 24 hours.

Limited Prime Power – LTP

 limited number of hours 500 h/year
 Non-Variable Load
applications at power levels never to exceed the Prime
Power rating. Any operation exceeding 500 hours per year should use the Continuous Power Rating

Emergency Standby Power – ESP

For supplying emergency power for the duration of a utility power failure.
Not to exceed 200 hrs/yr
 Average load factor of 70% of the standby rating
No negotiated outage operations.


Having a backup power generator in the hospitality market can make life easier for customers, hotel owners, and staff


Why do Hospitality businesses need diesel generators?

The hospitality market is a billion dollar revenue market business.  This includes hotels, restaurant and resorts, all of which can generate quite a lot of profit.  While many people stay in hotels for their holidays, just as many stay for out of town business purposes, making the entire hotel market a vital economic source.  In cases where a natural disaster strikes, or the power goes out for another reason, most hotels use diesel generators to provide backup power for their customers.  This is especially becoming a common trend in hotels and resorts , As a hotel owner, it’s important to be sure to purchase a large, commercial generator set that can handle the backup power needs for the entire hotel.  In addition, not everything must regain power if not completely necessary.  Things such as lights, water heater, and AC are definitely a necessity, while televisions, vending machines, and laundry are not quite as urgent.dg-hotel

Our diesel generator offer high fuel efficiency Cummins engines are regularly upgraded with new technologies for better performance and fuel economy. read more :

The use of diesel generators provides a backup power source, and really serves as a form of insurance that can save thousands, perhaps millions in lost revenue every year due to loss of electrical power.

When in the hospitality sector, keep in mind that generators should be kept in an area where they are not too visible, as they can be a little bit unsightly.  In addition, be sure to keep them protected or elevated, so that they will not be affected by flooding, raining

If possible, the generator can actually be placed on top of the roof of the hotel.  If a room is chosen for the location, be sure an engineer will have access to it when it is in use to ensure proper ventilation to avoid fire and other dangerous hazards, but outside somewhere is definitely ideal.  Another important factor to remember is to get some sort of annual maintenance contract on the generator, so that if it does happen to fail, repairs will be covered in the event of an emergency power outage.  Having a backup power generator in the hospitality market can make life easier for customers, hotel owners, and staff.

Sudhir Power has forged a formidable 45 years partnership with Cummins Ltd, to become India’s largest Diesel Generator manufacturer with over 20,000 MW installation base. Our complete range of Diesel Generators are useful in providing Power in areas where conventional power supply infrastructure is unreliable.

Is renting scissor lifts a good idea?

scissor-lift-hire-best-option -for-lifting-hoisting-elevating

Demand for scissor lifts is on the rise in India mainly due to the increase in requirements to quickly reach vertical heights during maintenance and construction related activities.

Keeping pace with the increasing demand, we have expanded our fleet size match the demand both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Scissor lifts are a safe choice for Rent –

The main feature of scissor lifts in terms of safety is its robust construction with multiple pivot points sharing the load. Most scissor lifts have inbuilt sensors for overload, pothole protection , alarms with some higher models available with hydraulic stabilizers for more stability and safety. Even over a long period of use, they are able to retain the functionality and reliability which means the load ratings need not be de-rated over the life of the machine. However, most manufacturers in the unorganized sector offering poorly designed with inferior components face shorter life, earlier deterioration of the traction battery which results in a negative perception by the users. Thankfully, we offer the most modern and robust scissor lifts on rental, certified and long life batteries, higher power to weight ratio, self lubricating pivot points and many more features unparalleled in the industry.

Latest entry in the category of scissor lifts Rental-

Based on demand, Sudhir Power Rentals offers many different types of scissor lifts. Due to budgetary constraints, many a times customers do not want self propelled but need the height to be reached with low investment. Sudhir Power Rentals offers machines well within the reach of the even small contractors, simple push-around types which are economical to procure and maintain as well. We also offer the mid range self propelled scissor lifts on rent, and the high end ones with add on features, thereby catering to all sections of the buyers. For some specialized applications which call for both AC powered and DC powered prime movers, we offer a completely different range with heights going as much as 30m. We quite possibly offer the widest range of scissor lifts in the country. Added to this is the high caliber technicians with diagnostic capabilities, the users derive the highest benefit for the products and services offered by us. 

Scissor lifts Rental a good idea –

 We have been renting out scissor lifts , both battery operated and engine operated versions for more than two decades now. Renting of scissors lifts is certainly a good idea, as many users would like to use for a short period of time. Rather than owning a scissor lift they would prefer to hire it. As we always offer newer and upgraded models ensuring current valid certification, smoother operation, there is a direct effect on the operators comfort and safety ; they deliver a better and quality work output. In the rare event of any technical glitches, standby machines are made available , assuring of uninterrupted work and timely completion of tasks.

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