Diesel Generator Manufacturers in the India who Design and Build our own Canopies and Base Frames


Our Amada CNC Laser works 24/7 in a week. This is critical in our manufacturing process as Sudhir Power manufacture all our Canopies, Base Frames Silencers and Fuel Tanks. Having our automated machinery working through the night means we can maximize our production output and keep our production lead times down to a minimum It enables us to manufacture our Diesel Generators in the shortest time possible. It does not matter if the order is for 10, 50 or even 100 Diesel Generators. Our Industry leading manufacturing processes have been a key part of the incredible growth we have experienced over the last 40 years. This has also enabled our Distributors to grow. Some of them started by order 2 or 3 Diesel Generators 5 years ago. Some have now gone on to order over 250 units per year.

Our diesel generator are soundproof, weatherproof and environment friendly. in the single bearing generator with in-built anti vibration mounting ensures minimal vibration and low noise level.




Power Rental Solutions for Manufacturing Sector

hire-genset-delhiReliable Rental Power source is at most important for every manufacturing and
production companies to get uninterrupted Power, whether they are manufacturer of
automobile, pharma, auto ancillaries, chemical, food & beverages or seasonal Product manufacturer like spinning mills, ginning mills etc.

We at sudhir power rentals Providing wide range of diesel Generators, large containerized genset, Distribution Panels, AWP lifts, boom lift on Rental basis for short, medium & long term basis to improve productivity & efficiency in your processes
for long term.
Our Expertise in field of Rental Power backing with specialist team of people will help you from pre site visit to project execution site including Fuel Management along with compliance & regulatory framework management if required.
We Provide backup generator Rental Power solutions for Manufacturing companies basically for Prime Power, emergency power for scheduled Maintenance, Stand by / Peaking Power, Emergency Power after natural disaster, Process Improvements.


Industry Verticals where we provide Diesel Generator Rental solutions:


Application Rental includes

Diesel Gensets Rental – Diesel Generator
Cables and Distribution set
Commissioning Power
Back up or standby
Peak shaving
Scissor lift rental
Grid optimization
AWP lifts
Boom lift rental

We supply a wide range of generator on rent at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network

Silent Generators – 30 kVA to 2000 kVA as Single DG
set & Customized Multi megawatt Power Packages.
Transformers – Low, Mid & High Voltage
Aerial access lifts rental
JLG Scissor Lift rental
JLG and Genie Boom lifts rental
Load Banks – 1266 KW to 5 MVA (Resistive / Reactive)

How Power Rental Can Make or Break Your Construction Project

Genset Rental Post

Why Is it So Important to Get This Right?

Nothing happens without electricity. Not construction work, not maintenance, even not any task in manufacturing industry – nothing. If you don’t set up your backup power properly, you won’t have access to the electricity needed to get the work done on time. You may lose power in the middle of vital task. You may experience equipment failures.

Any of these outcomes will play destruction with your construction schedule and may push you over budget. Some of these problems could take days or even weeks to fix or require you to bring in emergency power sources that cost more than if you’d planned ahead.

if you don’t take care to set this up properly, you could put labors at risk of harm. It’s absolutely necessary that you don’t let things get to that point.

Without safe, reliable backup rental power at your jobsite, your construction project is seriously threatened from the start. You need electricity to power your job trailers, ma chines, lifts, elevators, lighting, distribution tools and everything in between. It makes every stage in the building process possible.

But how do you design generator rental power effectively for a temporary project site? What sources of power should you use? And how do you make sure it’s safe?

How Do You Get power Into the Site?

Electricity on a jobsite can come from diesel generators (or temporary power stations created by multimegawatt generators) or from a permanent utility power source – either you can purchase or rent a generator, or like the temporary pole connected to the existing utility or from an existing facility’s main distribution panel.

This is only the beginning of the story, though. As we’ll see in a moment, you need to take extreme care in calculating demand, designing generator specs, power access points and distribution setup.

Planning for Generator Rental

Before you start, you need to get a clear idea of exactly what kinds of equipment you’ll be using that need temporary power and the power loads they require. If you’re working with contractors, you need to get their input here.

These estimated power loads will help you measure the size of diesel generators or the capacity of the temporary power you need.

Perfecting the temporary generator power and electrical distribution setup on your construction jobsite is both complex and incredibly important. Don’t shrug it off and presume it will work out just fine – the risks to your team and to the success of your project are far too great for that!

Contact sudhir rentals for your hassle free temporary power requirement, visit : http://www.sudhirpower.com/rental-gensets.html or call : 7042277032

We supply a wide range of generator on rent from 20 KVA to 2000 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network

We timely execute our rental service of diesel generator in industrial area of Delhi, gurgaon, noida, faridabad, MP, bhopal, gwalior, jabalpur, jaipur, gujrat, maharastra, mubai, pune, nashik, now we are also covers south india including bangalore, hyderabad, cha=ennai, tamilnadu, vishakhapatnam and other industrial location of Bawal, Neemrana , Dharuhara, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Rewari, Narnaul, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and in Delhi NCR.

When its comes to Patients Health, Trust Sudhir Diesel Gensets

diesel generator for hospital in india

We understand how crucial it is to keep your hospital running with seamless power supply for the health and well-being of your patients.

The emergency power solutions are tailored to meet your requirements. We offer the most reliable power generation solutions like diesel generators, gensets and contenerized generator with amf panels depending on your specific need

How does Sudhir power ensure you emergency power for uninterrupted power supply Hospital and medical industries?

Sudhir power ensures you maximum uptime in any industry. We are one of the leading diesel generator manufacturer in india. Our reliable solutions to your requirement are:

  1. 30 KVA – 500 KVA diesel generator for emergency backup for industries.
  2. 500 KVA – 3000 KVA diesel generator for temporary power plants.
  3. Multi Megawatt solutions.
  4. Containerized power generators.
  5. Acoustics diesel generator

All the equipment’s are set up in a installation area and then cabled to your output points.

Trust Sudhir Power Gensets which are designed to offer continuous power supply at times of power outrage and support all your hospital equipment and lighting fixtures with care.

We also provide generator rental support as Every sector needs a temporary power plant to meet regular and any emergency power backup solutions.


Sudhir Power increases its solar footprint

Solar 1

There is an ever increasing demand for energy in spite of the rising prices of oil & other fossil fuel / diesel/petrol. Energy demand, in particular electricity production has resulted in creation of fossil fuel based power plants that let out substantial green house gas / carbon emission into the atmosphere causing climate change and global warming.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of solar modules and an EPC company, has installed 1260kW Roof-top Solar power plant at the premises of the renowned state University located in meerut.

These new solar panels would be installed on the roofs of existing campus buildings, as well as on top of a new covered car parking area.They would provide us with solar electricity, which would replace some of the electricity that we previously buy from state grid or is generated from the diesel generating sets.

Assisting large industrial units into switching to renewables and reducing the carbon footprint, Sudhir supplied “20MW Hanur solar” power plant for Solar Project, located at Neemrana, Rajasthan.

For large industrial units in delhi and Faridabad, Sudhir installed 650 kW solar system and 1260 kW solar system was installed at their factories at Manesar & Faridabad


In another project, biggest renowned government company  trusted Sudhir for complete SITC including supply, installation, testings and commissioning of 7.25 MW solar systems including Poly crystalline/ Mono crystalline PV modules of rang 325Wp, grid connected string inverters, data monitoring, DC fuse box, AC distribution boards & metering panels for 26 roof tops.


Choosing a Best Diesel Generator rental Provider in India

8 things to know before choosing a Diesel Generator rental in India


There are many things to keep in mind when renting power generation equipment (generator rental ). Here are a few of them:

Know the Total Power Requirement:

Make sure users know what the total power requirement is for the rental. Do not undersize or oversize the generators for your project, Make sure you’re renting a generator capable of handling your needs. That means gauging the right kW capacity so you aren’t overloading the power machine

By sharing & calculating the nature of load, application & load details, customer can determine that what size Generator that they need

Know about the Fuel Source:

customers have the flexibility to run on diesel, natural gas or propane. so they can choose the fuel source accordingly what type of generator available with generator rental provider company.

Level Surface:

When being staged to run a diesel generator , it should always be on a level surface, front to back as well as side to side.

Avoid Wet Stacking

Always make sure that before rent a diesel generator , genset has been tested with a load bank for proper operations

Consider paralleling:

Getting the biggest, most powerful generator on rental you can find isn’t always the best option for rental generator. Sometimes it makes more sense to have a couple of smaller rental generators instead of one big genset. If your site is geographically spread out, for instance, you are probably better off renting more than one generat

or. Paralleling your power supply can improve equipment availability on-site by making more power available for more applications and it may be more cost effective to run several smaller generators than one overly sized unit.

Hiring A Number Of Smaller rental generators And Linking Them Together Makes Life Easier As You Don’t Need To Transport 1 Large, Bulky Generator Or Find Somewhere To House It.

Know about the sound restriction in your area

Look For Certified Electrical Professionals

Generator rental provider company should have experienced, skilled and certified electrical employees who are dedicated to fully servicing the generators on site to ensure proper installation, un-installation, and removal of generator. at the same time yours generator are ready to run when you get it.

Know about the cable and accessories:

Customer should know , Does the generator come with a plug or distribution board (DB) or out going MCCB or ACB  before renting the generator

Company Should Have wide are network

if you going to rent a generator you should consider whether the rental agency provides enough office locations so that the client can be served with the most convenient location.

Map Post

We supply a wide range of generator on rent from 20 KVA to 2000 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network

we timely execute our rental service of diesel generator in industrial area of gurgaon, new delhi, Bawal, Neemrana , Dharuhara, Faridabad, Maharashtra, Rewari, Narnaul, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and in Delhi NCR.

The rental division not only caters to India but also in the UAE & Saudi operation, in addition to Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah , Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain

Sudhir – Cummins Customer Meet 2019

The Picture5Sudhir – cummins Annual Customer & Electrician Meet 2019 got off to a great start! Sudhir Power, a leading dg set manufacturer company in india organised customer meet in Sirsa, Day 1 of the seminar included a guided tour of the  Manufacturing plant in Manesar, Gurgaon. This was followed by a Gala Dinner to recognise the contribution of our customer partners.

second session of the Electrician Meet 2018 witnessed several power packed sessions. The highlight of the day was a session by sudhir Group mangaers wherein he outlined his vision for the organization in the future. He also presided an interactive Q&A session for our channel partners for their products diesel generator, ranging from 10kva to 3000kva